Vets For Pets Victoria

Vets for Pets offers free veterinary care to the pets of homeless and low-income individuals in the Victoria area. Our clinic is partnered with OUR PLACE SOCIETY at 919 Pandora Avenue, Victoria.

Our next clinic dates will be October 18th, sunday, Location: Our Place Society 919 Pandora, 2pm-3:45pm. Pickup tickets at 8:30am, leave and return at 2pm-2:30pm depending on your spot.


We are doing a smaller clinic. In order to comply with Public Health restrictions on crowd size and social distancing, please note the following
1) You can pick up a registration ticket/spot at 8:30 am in the Outreach/drop in at Our Place. You don’t need your pet with you. This will be first come/first served.
2) You will then be asked to return between 2:00-2:30pm depending on your registration spot.
3) You will need to wear a mask. Depending on the amount of people, you may not be present during the exam portion as we need to limit how many people are in the clinic space.
4) Please try to minimize how many people you bring with you.
5) We have zero tolerance for foul language or abuse. I hate that I even have to write that as it should just be a given. But, everyone who helps is a volunteer who has taken time off to join us and they should not be treated poorly.
6) Be prepared to wear a mask.


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Clinics that volunteer their time.

We have a number of volunteer vets, vet assistants, and others who come out to help with this worthy cause.

  • VCA Canada Hospital

  • Hillside Veterinary Hospital

  • McKenzie Veterinary Services

  • Juan de Fuca Veterinary Hospital

  • Sidney Animal Hospital

  • Elk Lake Veterinary Hospital

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